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Yesterday we talked about loyalty. God's word says never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Write them deep within your heart and you will find favor with God and people. What a promise for you! Keep his commands CLOSE to your heart because when God's commands are temporary companions, trusting God will be a temporary choice. But that's not you! This summer we KNOW as you install his commands in your heart, your trust in him is going to expand.


This summer STAYCATION at Church Unleashed, be faithful! Check these out:




  1. Thou shall be in church when the doors are open (or your phone is charged on vacation).

  2. Thou shall be obedient in tithing to church whether you are in church or not.

  3. Thou shall be consistent in serving – even on the beach days.

  4. Thou shall bring your kids to church to show them right priorities.

  5. Thou shall sit up front.

  6. Thou shall share, post, and comment on social media to stay connected to what God is doing at church.

  7. Thou shall keep inviting friends to join you at church this summer.

  8. Thou shall be engaged in the services by responding in the services, even if you are the only one.

  9. Thou shall tell the pastors you appreciate their hard work (especially during the summer).

  10. Thou shall stay locked in all summer and have fun experiencing God’s presence with your church family.

Make the decision now to stay loyal to YOUR church family. It matters! Loyalty lets others know you can be trusted and it is the key to favor!


Let me pray for you,

God, we thank you that you give Gina a spirit of loyalty and commitment. Help them to be kind. I know you are releasing favor upon them in Jesus name, amen.

Uncover more of how to gain a good reputation and favor through the power of loyalty and kindness. Check out the video below:


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