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I Feel Stuck

Updated: May 13

Do you want to grow in WISDOM? How about stature? What about receiving FAVOR with God? Even favor from those around you? What can be preventing us from reaching this new level? "I feel stuck." Here's a little something to help you get spiritually unstuck.


Yes, us too! The greatest example of this was demonstrated by Jesus. Scripture says, “Jesus GREW in WISDOM and in STATURE and in FAVOR with God and all the people.” Luke 2:51-52


If Jesus did it, it's safe to say we should follow the same pattern. The key to unlocking these blessings is OBEDIENCE. Obedience unleashes wisdom, stature, and favor into and upon your life.


It's not about perfection or checking items off a list. It's not about striving for something completely out of your reach. It's our love for God that drives us to please his heart. Obedience is the step to get you there and to take you higher! It's like climbing a ladder. God delights in those who walk in obedience to His will and word.


So as you move forward into your week, ask God, "where do you want me to be obedient?" Come on, don't read this and pass it by. Really take the time to ask God and be open to hearing him. If you want top step wisdom, you need first step obedience. When He reveals to you that "step" of obedience, ACT on it. Use scripture to guide you and obey.


As always, we encourage you to listen to Sunday's message and ask God how you can apply it. You can watch it here. Growing in spiritual maturity is exercising your obedience muscles. Keep working out! Obedience opens the doors of opportunity.

How to Get Spiritually Unstuck
How to Get Spiritually Unstuck

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