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Remove, Replace, Replenish.

Kill the list?! If you were in service yesterday you know what we are talking about! It's time to get rid of and renounce all evil behavior. It's time to ditch the deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy and unkind speech. This summer, it's time to move forward - to grow, develop, mature and become!


And God's word shows us how to do that in 1 Peter 2:1-3. Let me break it down really quick:



We have to remove the things that hold us back from our destiny. We have the choice to CHANGE.



You can't just remove the bad behavior, you have to fill the "void" with Godly behaviors. When you make the decision “I will no longer do this” then you must find something else to do.



It's not enough to live on Sunday alone. Each day you must wake up and spend time in the presence of God. You can do this by reading His Word, praying, listening to worship music, watching a sermon, etc. Connect with God!

This week, make a list of the sins, struggles and strangles that you are leaving behind! And start crossing them off all summer. It's time to kill the list and walk in Godliness. We believe by the end of the summer you will be walking in a whole new freedom.


Let me pray for you,

God, we thank you that you give Gina the strength to remove, replace and replenish what they need to remove, replace and replenish. Help them to leave the sin, the struggles and strangles. Help them to replace them with time in your word, worship, serving, and in community with other believers. Create in them a stronger desire to be with you. They are moving forward, in Jesus name.

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