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The MORE God has for YOU

Updated: May 13

We loved having our friend with us, Dr. Dave Martin. Were you laughing a lot yesterday? We were. 😄

It is TRUE- God wants you to live an abundant life. A MORE life. He has a greater or additional amount of peace, joy, health, wealth, etc. for you. The person of Jesus prepares you for heaven. The principles of Jesus can help prepare you for here on earth. If you want the more life, start doing what Jesus did. And one thing he DID DO was increase in wisdom.


Dr. Dave dropped some incredible Biblical principles that you can apply right away. But let's settle here for a moment: wisdom.


The only problems we sometimes have are wisdom problems. Not financial, marriage, or health problems. Under the surface of it all, we need wisdom.


Proverbs 1:5 says "Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance." Listen up, be open to understanding and ask God to reveal his word to you.


The MORE life isn't just for us. It's for us to BLESS OTHERS. And when we see the purpose of more and HIS kingdom, God brings the "more" to us.


We are praying that you would sense and see God's divine wisdom. In every situation, circumstance, curveball and mountain top.


View or this to the FULL message, as we flesh out what these principles are. Just click right here.

The More that God Has For You
Does God Have More for Me

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