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There is Purpose in Your Mess

Your story MATTERS and the most pivotal part of your life is when you met Jesus. Jesus changes EVERYTHING, no? There is purpose even in your mess.


When I take time to reflect over my life, I can't help but see God's hand through every moment. What about you? Take time to reflect this week and answer these three questions:


  • What is my story and how has my life been interrupted by Jesus?

  • How can sharing my transformation give the hope of Jesus to someone else?

  • List anyone that comes to mind - and pray that God will open up opportunities to share his love.




In the middle of your every day, God is so ever present. In the ordinary, in the routine, in the chaos, in your mess - God shows up. So keep your eyes peeled for the every day encounters and miracles and moments to share your story.


God has done much in your life, and can you believe it? He's not finished! "He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." Share your story. Share the power of God with others. Don't keep it to yourself! We are praying that this week, you will be guided by God and opportunities to share JESUS will present themselves.


To watch the full message from yesterday, click here.

There is Purpose in Your Mess_ Your Story Matters
There is Purpose in Your Mess

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